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need to answer

*** u have to answer only question nd bond (bond as it is written)


v     Question

A.      Have you been visited to your relative’s house after the lockdown?

B.      Is there any physical illness at present? Such as cold, cough or             fever?

C.      Someone has come to your neighborhood from outside after                the  lockdown?

D.      How many member in his/her family?

E.       What does they do?

F.       If anybody studying in outside then did they came, when? How?

G.     Any positive case in their area at least the  radius of 1 or 2 Km?

H.     Any travel history between lockdown period from their family?(last 14 days)

I.        Any choronic  disease?

J.        How they willing to come?


  • v    Information

     Students have to psychologically prepare when you come.

   Classes will not be given in the college till the permission of the           government is obtained.


                            Bond sign for return to hostel

I ........................................ Student of Fernando college of nursing dep.............. sec ................. state that I am Returning to the hostel on my own willing and responsibility.After returning to the hostel the college will not be responsible for any corona related infection.

All of the above statements are true to my knowledge. I agree to follow all the necessary guidelines by the college.

                                                                                                                          student sign                                                             Parents sign


pls mention at the end your

city and dist







rule and regulation for precaution in covid19

1. How to get to the College!

Ans :  They will come to the college when-

 I.    Date will announce shortly.

 II.    After getting call and with all satisfied answer of yours we will get a date.

 III.   Only personal vehicle is allowed to come in college.

  IV.     Students please make a group and come together in private vehicle             those are from such distance.

   V.    Bus facility will be provided if you want but it come to a destination              decided by the college.

  VI.    Only single parent will be allowed to come with their ward in their                own vehicle not in college bus by any mean.

  VII.   In college bus only one luggage and one handbag is allowed,                       luggage size medium that is (67cm height into 45cm).

VIII.    Private vehicle coming Students luggage of their own rules.

 IX.     Have to report direct in college.

2. Entrance to the hostel

Ans : The rules are…..

    I.   Students will come to the college first.

    II.  Those students will only allow whose date has given by college.

 III.   No Students will be entertained by any mean who will come without             our knowledge (it is strictlyprohibited).

  IV.    All the luggage will be kept in college campus for 24 hours and will              be sanitized first than it will be handover.

 V.   Please carry handbag in which you can carry medicine, two set up dress and bedsheet for two days only.( Handbag will be sanitized first by us before moving hostel).

VI.   Directly they will go washroom first.

VII.  You all people get a Quarantine room by us then you will be sent to your own room after quarantine time completes.

3. Quarantine rules:

Ans: The rules are….

 I.   You all not allow to move from hostel.

 II.   You can roam in roof or hostel premises but with social distance maintaining.

 III.   You can’t close to each other have to maintain social distance. As                well  as to whom also who came earlier to you or meant to you

IV.  After completing your quarantine period, you can be meet to each                 other but you can only move hostel to college-college to hostel.

 V.  For upcoming second group who will be in quarantine you can mixed up with them, you are only   allow to move with your quarantine group only.

4. Hostel and college Rules:

Ans: The rules are

 I.  You should have a sanitizer with you every time

 II.   You have to wash your hand before and after entering college and hostel mask is compulsory

 III.  Anyone who have any type of chorionicdiesiscannot come college if             found here we will send   them back.

 IV.   Not a single student is allowed to come out from hostel till corona                virus end. If found will be rusticated.

V.  Any important thing if you need should be informed us. We willbe                 bought it for you.

 VI. Any emergency case you are not allow single to move our guidance will be there.

VII. Anecessary medicine should be kept with you. Please don’t depend on college in this time

VIII. Guardians are not allowed to visit you, if necessary, meet in college or under guidance of hostel, should   be in social distance.

IX. No outsider food or online order food or goods is not allowed, if goods are very necessary should be informed college first and delivery should give in college address.

X. Should being warm water flask, at least one time have to gurgle or drink. (hot water will be given by college morning and evening.

XI. Please keep with you chamanpras or immunity boost capsules should be taken suggested by doctor as per your health.

 XII. No late-night bathing is allowed even not two time, you have to take bath before coming in college after that not allow twice a week is allowed to wash your cloth alternative days will be provide room wise, daily dresses not an issue 


*** Noted : rule may be changed according to sutition.



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